Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Newest Artist Is Annemarie Lieftink, From Raalte, Netherlands

Below she will tell us a bit about herself and her work:

I work in the traditional way (pencil, paint) and with a tablet. I prefer the tablet, because you have more options like airbrush and markers. I used to work in  advertising, but I would love to become a full time illustrator.

I'm a mom of three kids (two boys 18, 14 and a girl 8 years old), living together with my husband. And we have 1 dog, 1 bird and a guinea pig. So very busy!

Artistic Interests

Digital fantasy art and realistic drawings!

Personal Interests

Drawing, music and having a good time with friends and family

This is the link to my website in The Netherlands:  Quattro Design

Following are photos, linking to her work in her Zazzle Shop click on the foto to be taken to the product: