Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Latest Artist Is Chris MacDonald

Below he will tell us a bit about himself and his work:

Hello, my name is Chris MacDonald and I am a self-taught digital artist that operates PackRat Graphics.  Now don't look away just because I said self-taught, check my work out first before you form an opinion.  You might be surprised!  I chose Zazzle a few years ago after researching the popular PODs, and even then I could tell Zazzle was going to be in the lead and soon.

I don't have a certain style or subject. I create whatever pops in my head.  And I guess another thing that might set me apart from the other artists on Zazzle is that I'm am one of the few, that I know of, that creates everything using only Open Source Software.  My softwares of choice are Blender, GIMP, and Inkscape.

Believe it or not, I started out as a traditional artist.  I painted landscapes for approximately 15 years using oils. Then I discovered computer graphics, and then discovered Zazzle.  Now I'm a ProSeller.  One byproduct of always working on designs is my kids have taken up an interest in art and are always begging for art lessons.

Following are some of his designs, with an embedded link to that product:


Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Newest Artist Is Jack Skagnetti

Below, in a very few words, Jack will tell us about his work:

Jack Skagnetti is the name, I use pen and pencil and Photoshop.  Been in Zazzle for a little over 2 years, and have over 13,000 products in one shop, plus I have two other shops.

I also make electronica, am an independent artist, if you like daft punk, aphex twin, digitalism, boysnoize, or freeland, you may like my stuff.   All proceeds from my music store go towards making better music.

Below are Fotos of some of his work, with links to the product:



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Newest Artist Is Nikki Burnette From Lawrenceville, Georgia

Below she will tell us a little bit about herself, and her work:

My name is Nikki Burnette, I'm 26, and am fortunate to have a "close knit" Family that totally supports my work. Originally, I am from Cleveland, Ohio but, now live in the Atlanta area.

I am an Artist during the day and I paint fantasy art in primarily watercolors and ink. I use watercolors because I just love the way they blend and the way I'm able to create beautiful backgrounds. I can also use them in a more opaque manner to create the foregrounds. They are very versatile.

I found Zazzle because other artists like me were selling on Zazzle and I thought it was amazing that I could offer my artwork on such a variety of products. Who wouldn't want to see their artwork on a Keds Shoe or a binder? It's very cool! I have been with Zazzle for about two years now and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

The photos below, have embedded links to her product page:



Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Next Artist/designer Is Patti Adair From Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Below she will tell us a bit about her work:

I'm a young graphic designer (by day) who loves to illustrate and find fun in everyday things.   I found Zazzle through a friend who told me to get some of my designs on t-shirts.  I love Zazzle, it's so fast and easy!  Making sales to people I've never met makes me feel kinda famous!

Following are three fotos to her products on Zazzle:         


Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Next Artist/designer Is Tabitha Jones From Arkansas

Below, she will tell us a bit about herself and her work:

I would have to describe my work as, digital 2D and traditionally drawn art.  I use Photoshop CS4 and Ultra Fractal 4 for just about everything I do.  I do have some traditional pen and ink and pencil/ sharpie art, but I'm not telling which is which LOL.

Anything creepy, Goth, Vampire, or Occult inspired is fair game with me.  And you never know what will show up next.  I even have some medieval vintage woodcuts and engravings.  Some have been hand colored.

I absolutely LOVE Zazzle! LOL  I've been here for over two years, have 13 galleries and love that I now have a place to be creative and get paid for it!  I never would have been able to sell my work on my own.
As a disabled mother of five, I love that I can do something worthwhile and still be home with my children everyday.  So thank you Zazzle!!

Below are 3 of her favorites with embedded link to her Zazzle pages:




Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Newest Artist Is Audrey Jeanne Roberts

Below she will talk about herself, and her art:

My name is Audrey Jeanne Roberts and I am a watercolor artist. My "day job" is as a licensed artist. I create products and license them to over 50 manufacturers in the gift ware, home decor and fabric industries. Zazzle is a great place for me to test designs and see how the retail public will respond to them. It's also a great place for me to create things that I like whether or not a manufacturer will license it. It's my creative outlet!

I have been a professional artist and product designer for almost 30 years. The industry has changed dramatically in that time. When I began I didn't use computers for anything except word processing! Now I'm glued to my computer for most of the day.

I create all of my art by hand and then scan it into digital format and work with it from there. However, 75% of the creative process is now done on the computer, I can't imagine how I used to do it any more.

A digital clip art customer first told me about Zazzle. She was asking permission to use my clip art on products here (which I don't allow). I checked out the website and that was now 3 months ago. I've actually had products in my store for 2 months and have qualified for Proseller status already. Zazzle is a great venue for me to test designs and see what their appeal is.

I have ordered some of my own products from Zazzle and their quality is amazing. I am so pleased with their color rendition. I am very much enjoying being a part of Zazzle.  I really enjoy interacting with other Zazzle shop keepers. They have been so very helpful and friendly. The forums are a great place to ask questions and learn from the best!

Below are three of her creations that she wants you to see:

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Designer For Today Is Dora Cruceru From Romania

Below she will tell us about herself and her work:

My name is Dora Cruceru from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, I am a graphic designer and photographer.

I mainly work in Photoshop. I also use Illustrator , but I often import the vectors in Photoshop and work on them there. I like to create mixes of vintage inspired art and very modern graphics . I found Zazzle online mentioned in an article about selling art online and I've been on Zazzle for about 3-4 months now .

I advertise through social sites and I also use link-referral and Squidoo . I spend about 20 minutes every day on advertising .
I have a diploma in graphic design , I love prints and fashion .

Below are three of her designs with links to that design on Zazzle: