Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Newest Artist Is Nikki Burnette From Lawrenceville, Georgia

Below she will tell us a little bit about herself, and her work:

My name is Nikki Burnette, I'm 26, and am fortunate to have a "close knit" Family that totally supports my work. Originally, I am from Cleveland, Ohio but, now live in the Atlanta area.

I am an Artist during the day and I paint fantasy art in primarily watercolors and ink. I use watercolors because I just love the way they blend and the way I'm able to create beautiful backgrounds. I can also use them in a more opaque manner to create the foregrounds. They are very versatile.

I found Zazzle because other artists like me were selling on Zazzle and I thought it was amazing that I could offer my artwork on such a variety of products. Who wouldn't want to see their artwork on a Keds Shoe or a binder? It's very cool! I have been with Zazzle for about two years now and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

The photos below, have embedded links to her product page:



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