Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Newest Artist Is Carla Martell

Below she will tell us about herself, and how she happened upon Zazzle:

My name is Carla Martell - I'm an illustrator, and I'm pretty new to Zazzle. I discovered it through an online illustrators forum that was discussing merchandising and print on demand sites - I've always had a love of print, pattern and the different ways illustration can be used on products. Hearing about Zazzle, I was very excited and immediately wanted to give it a go! My favorite medium has always been pen and ink, and I love traditional printmaking techniques, but for my Zazzle store I've been using a combination of hand drawn illustration, rendered digitally. I've just started teaching myself Illustrator and after a few weeks of tearing my hair out I am learning to love it - it's so easy to rework and resize designs and I think the boldness of vector graphics suit the style of Zazzle products. There are lots of animals in my store, designs created from hand drawn text, and birds! It's definitely whimsical, colorful and lighthearted, with an emphasis on fun.

Following are Fotos of her work in her Zazzle store, just click on the foto to be taken directly to that product:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Newest Artist Is Beth Dunn From Alabama

Below, she will tell us about her work, and we will have links to her items on Zazzle:

I have been working with Zazzle almost 2 years now.  I use Photoshop and my own artwork scanned.
I found out about Zazzle through a friend. I researched it, and found it to be very easy to use and effective for promoting my designs and artwork. A lot of my online advertising is done through mommy blogs which they review and rate one or a few of my products that I provide for them. We usually have a giveaway for the readers, where they sign up to be a fan of OOPSY on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. Also, in order to enter to win on each giveaway, they have to view my Zazzle stores and rate at least one product.
Offline, I have distributed business cards throughout town. I also purchase my own items for gifts on birthdays and holidays. I even wear my own designs and that is the best advertising, in my honest opinion!

Three of her favorite items (Just click on the picture to be taken to her product):