Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Next Artist/designer Is Tabitha Jones From Arkansas

Below, she will tell us a bit about herself and her work:

I would have to describe my work as, digital 2D and traditionally drawn art.  I use Photoshop CS4 and Ultra Fractal 4 for just about everything I do.  I do have some traditional pen and ink and pencil/ sharpie art, but I'm not telling which is which LOL.

Anything creepy, Goth, Vampire, or Occult inspired is fair game with me.  And you never know what will show up next.  I even have some medieval vintage woodcuts and engravings.  Some have been hand colored.

I absolutely LOVE Zazzle! LOL  I've been here for over two years, have 13 galleries and love that I now have a place to be creative and get paid for it!  I never would have been able to sell my work on my own.
As a disabled mother of five, I love that I can do something worthwhile and still be home with my children everyday.  So thank you Zazzle!!

Below are 3 of her favorites with embedded link to her Zazzle pages:




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