Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Newest Artist Is Matt Peppler

Below he will tell us a bit about his work, and his love for Zazzle:

I am a digital designer that uses traditional pen and ink drawings along with Photoshop and Illustrator to create my Zazzle designs. I love using the best of both worlds because there are elements that I can create from pen and ink drawings that I can't get using Photoshop and Illustrator, which is also the case when the tables are turned. There are many tools that I use in these two programs the help create the look that I am going after which is not possible with traditional media.

Zazzle was recommended to me through an Illustrator that I know. He had heard about it through word of mouth and thought that it would be a good fit for me. He knew that I was finishing up a freelance job for a clothing company in Lansing, Michigan. I had a freelance opportunity doing what I am doing now, only I was working for someone instead of being my own boss, owner and creator. I wanted more control over the direction that I wanted to go and Zazzle was the perfect fit.

I love working on my Zazzle store because of all the freedom that I have to create anything that I want. Any idea that pops into my head is something that I can create and sell through my store and earn some money in the meantime.

It is always a thrill and a compliment when a customer purchases one of my designs. Not because I just made a sale which will help me to starve a little less, but that idea that the shirt that someone just bought could become that persons favorite shirt! I buy shirts all the time. Some I wear only a couple of times, while others I wear so much that they wear out. For one reason or another, the design or the feel of the fabric or just how the shirt makes you feel while you are wearing it become the answer to why it is your favorite shirt. That it the result that I am striving for. I want to make designs that become peoples favorite.

Below are photos of some of his favorite work with links to that product on Zazzle:


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