Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Latest Illustrator is Deer Prudence

Below he will tell us about his work and then we will have fotos of his work on Zazzle:

I am a deer of green color. I joined Zazzle in February this year, and slowly built up my store, because I just couldn't put my drawings on all available products – so I did them one by one.
Being an illustrator, I do many different things, but in my store I focus on cartoon animals and creatures. These are my neighbors in the wood where I live, so please treat them with respect.
The drawings are hand-drawn with a paintbrush and ink and some color added digitally. I see Zazzle as a showcase of this line of my work, that even gets me an occasional sale. The variety of products is amazing.

Following are fotos of his illustrations, with an embedded link to that product on Zazzle: 

Homestead an Intuit Co.

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