Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our First Designer is Kerri Connelly From Texas

She describes herself, and her work in the next paragraphs:

I have been a fractal artist for about 6 years now. All of my work in done digitally. My fractals are primarily rendered using Apophysis, although I do dabble with Tierazon and UltraFractal on occasion.

I've been a member  in Zazzle for a little over a month. I was looking for a secondary place to sell my artwork (I originally came from DeviantArt). I found this place on a Google search, and the rest is history.  I
advertise online in the following ways:  Facebook, Squidoo, Zazzle forums, submitting my site to search engines.   Kerri's Zazzle Shop.

Below are some of her designs, with links to the Zazzle product pages.  Just click on the Foto.


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