Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Next Artist Is Kathie Miller

She describes her work below:
I've been an artist all my life and love doing the big cats. I have used many different mediums from colored pencils, to pastels and airbrush and even textiles. I think I like the colored pencils the best with pastels a close second. Colored pencils give me the control I want when details are important. Pastels because it allows me, or should I say forces me, to be a little more loose. When I became a falconer I started working on the birds of prey. Switching from fur to feathers was a lot harder than I expected, but now I really like doing them.

I was with another POD for many years. When they changed their commission policy, I looked around for a new home. I had heard of Zazzle and even played around with it a little. When I moved here in 2009, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get started. Because it's free, I was able to open more and more stores. I started selling my work within weeks of opening my first store and I am now a Pro Seller. I'm glad I came to Zazzle, I just wish I did years ago instead of wasting my time with the other POD.

Selling art is very hard to do, but with Zazzle, it has allowed me to sell my work on many different products. I don't have to have inventory or any cost to me. I would recommend Zazzle to anyone that wants to start selling their art or graphic designs.
One of her stores, and then fotos of her art, with a link to her product:

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