Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Next Artist Is Margaret Chayka Of St. Paul, Minnesota

Below, she will tell us about herself and her artistic work:

I'm a digital artist using CorelDraw for vector art and my own Photoshop techniques for watercolor-like creations. Impatience isn't necessarily a detriment; actual brush-and-paper watercolor painting wasn't my cup of tea for many reasons. I specialize in food and drink, cooking and baking graphics, having been a personal chef for a number of years, and my Zazzle store, Chef Catering Biz Cards is chock full of business products and fun stuff for foodies. Chef Catering Biz Cards was opened July 2009 after leaving Cafe Press, and I became a Zazzle Pro Seller fairly quickly. Previously I've done custom graphic design for fellow foodies; currently I solely provide pre-made designs on Zazzle and clip art via stock photo sites.

I initially opened up three stores at Zazzle; one, a tee-shirt and "stuff" store; my note card store, Culinary Note Cards - which will continue to be my Christmas card store - and I'm now working on complete consolidation into Chef Catering Biz Cards. I've started adding t-shirts, hats, aprons and totes along with business products there.

Following will be fotos of her favorite designs with a link to the product:

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