Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Next Artist Is Hussein Elshareef From Florida

Below he tells us about himself, and his art:

I have been a member of Zazzle for about a month. I have been an amateur sketch artist for a large part of my life, drawing here, drawing there, for myself, for friends, for classroom and work assignments.

For the work on my Zazzle store, Simple Sketch, I primarily experiment with digital media. I like taking advantage of modern technology to compose art.

For hardware, I primarily use a Wacom Intuos2 tablet connected to my notebook. For software, my tools of trade are Corel Painter X, Corel Paintshop Pro X2, CorelDraw X4, and Adobe Photoshop Elements. It is important to understand that these tools are just that... tools. They are an extension of one's artistic sense, not a replacement for them. I enjoy how modern technology enables artists to express themselves in ways that were simply too difficult, too costly, or just simply impossible ten or so years ago. Another major advantage is that these tools make it much easier to share artistic works with others, and make online stores such as “Simple Sketch” possible.

For years I have been trying to find a way to share my work with others, and I'm pleased that I seem to have found an efficient way to do so. 

Ever since I was a child, I was very fond of sketching. In grade school and beyond, I was known as the kid who could "draw."

Simple Sketch is a way for me to tap back into that period and experience sketching in a refreshing way, especially as it relates to using computer hardware and digital design software to explore new avenues of artistic expression.

I hope you enjoy what you see at Simple Sketch, and decide to make some of my work a part of your life. Simple Sketch offers a wide variety of sketch products, including posters, stamps, stationery, stickers... even aprons (if you're in to that sort of thing)!  So smile, browse around, and find something... something simple, for you or a friend, today.

Below are photos of his sketches with a link to his Zazzle product page:

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