Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Next Designer Is Rick Niedzwiecki From Cleveland, Ohio

Below Rick  describes who he is and how he designs:

I am chief smart-alek and proprietor of Blurt Shirts. Somewhat humorous, somewhat irreverent, and sometimes political, I don't aim to please. I am to say what you are thinking. Whether sports, politics, music or otherwise-related, designs are available in a variety of products.

My favorite designs - currently - are my Geek is Chic and my 2010 election designs. I do all my development with Inkscape, and I found Zazzle after having it recommended while I was opening Blurt Shirts at another location.

I added Blurt Shirts to my already busy repertoire - husband and father, full time project manager, VP of my church congregation, bassist/vocalist in a cover band - because I love blurting, and figured I was saying what others were already thinking, but needed an avenue to express their thoughts.

I enjoy designing my products. Zazzle provides an easy-to-use framework for uploading and presenting merchandise to the marketplace. Their return policy works - I ordered the wrong size of a shirt for an offline sale once - and product quality is very good, so I can both Zazzle and shop my store with confidence.

Below are Fotos with links to his products:



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