Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Next Designer Artist Is Kim Turner

She describes herself and her art as follows:
I paint in either acrylics or in watercolours. I love the faerie/fairy genre and mostly paint winged creatures, though I do also paint mermaids, Alice and Lowbrow style.

Acrylic is the greatest (compared to watercolour) because if you make a mistake you can generally paint over it! With watercolour, it's not so forgiving. I love both though, as both have their benefits. I love the layering of watercolours and the beautiful jewel like tones you can achieve. Am yet to try oils but everyone tells me it's the best medium - I don't know that I have the patience.

I am an Australian artist and have been painting faeries for over ten years now, I was lucky enough to be published in The Art of Faery, The World of Faery and Watercolour Fairies.  I paint faeries, mermaids, elves and am starting on fairytales… oh subject matter do stop with your unending temptations… I have to stop procrastinating!

Below are Fotos with an embedded link to her  favorite Zazzle products:


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