Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our Next Artist/Designer Is Rob Birt

Below He will describe his art in his own words:

Over the years I have used a variety of mediums from pencil, inks, to airbrush and acrylics, as well as have had experience in sculpting and Industrial design. Currently for my design and illustrative work that I produce for the products primarily at Zazzle I use a Wacom tablets in Adobe Illustrator. This allows me an ability to "ink" penciled sketches and concepts into standard vector formats without too much additional work as well as not having to have the expense of the ink and the paper. One could also argue its better for the environment. I initially found Zazzle in a search for ways to increase my marketability for my book illustrations and other concepts, like the easy reader book, "Ian Wakes Up". I have actually only been on Zazzle since September of 2009, and have already found it a very beneficial relationship .
I personally think anyone can be an artist as long as they have the passion to follow through with doing the work. Anything can be taught or learned how to do, but the one thing that can't be taught is the passion necessary to be an artist or creative individual.

Be passionate.

Below are some photos with a link to his product in his Zazzle Store:

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