Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Next Designer Is From Alina's Pencil In Honolulu, Hawaii

This is what she has to say about herself:
I use a digital tablet to create most of my art, although some of my batik designs are photos of actual batiks I've made with wax and fabric dyes. I have a simple, colorful, cartoony style and hope my sense of humor and playfulness come through in my designs.

Because I enjoy woodturning, drumming, massage therapy, Balkan music and dancing, and food, those are all designs I create for my store.

Although I focus on those things more, I also want to make more designs inspired by the beauty and culture of my home in Hawaii, especially those with a bit of humor thrown in, like my Hawaiian Snowman and Hawaiian Penguin designs.

I love Zazzle. I get lost creating designs and putting them on products. Since I'm naturally a night person, the birds starting to chirp reminds me I better get to bed and quit already.

But there are always more ideas, more products to make, more needs to fill. There are very little woodturning or Balkan music and dance designs out there, and I have ideas for more shirts, more business card templates, more cartoons!

Thanks for featuring me and my shop. Best of luck to you and the other independent artists at Zazzle. I encourage everyone to follow their creative expression and to buy Zazzle. It supports us creative types! Opa!

                 To Her Store

Photos of Some of Her Products (Link embeded):


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